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Acrylic Currency Money Holder Cases

Single Note Currency Holders, 100 Note BEP Pack Holders & NEW! CANADA Currency Holders !


Note:  All materials used are manufactured in the U.S. and are free from any foreign materials that may harm your currency notes.

Our currency note single or BEP (bureau of engraving and printing) holder acrylic display cases are the finest made quality cases around.  Do you have those rare packs of notes stored in cheap cardboard boxes that are exposed to air, moisture, fingerprints and other outside elements?  Why let the value of your quality notes decline just because of how they are being stored now?  I know I personally have used these for some of my high end star note packs and created the business from the basic principal that as a currency collector myself, I did not feel that I had my investment in paper money protected.  These are great to display and can be handled with limiting the exposure of your rare paper notes to outside elements ultimately leading to their decline in grade value.  This is such a minimal investment to keep your high end notes at top quality for yourself or those you pass them on to for years to come.

We have been in business since 2009 when we first created our BEP pack currency holders.  We introduced our single note cases in 2011 and now are offering CANADA currency holders this year!  These acrylic display cases are meant to show off your favorite rare single note or pack of BEP notes.  They are also great for storage in your storage safe or lock box.  The outside is made of a hard acrylic shell.  This is a very nice quality durable case holder to protect that favorite pack of notes you want to keep nice for years.  This comes NEW and includes six sets of screws that hold the encasement together.

 Our currency cases are made of high quality acrylic material that is crystal clear.  It has a high impact rating as well as being weather resistant.  The high molecular weight of the acrylic makes it superior in protecting your high end notes as an investment.  Special UV stabilization protects the acrylic from yellowing and keeps your notes protected as well as clearly viewable in displaying for years to come.  Acrylic material consists of high performance CAST acrylic.